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User Registration

The advantage of registering as a user are:

  • When browsing listings, registered users see more information such as floor-plans, pictures and original Japanese advertisements.
  • Ability to set up an email alert, notifying the user of new and interesting properties.
  • Registered clients who bought property with Akasaka Real Estate can view the details of their account online.

To register as a user follow the following steps:

  • On the main page of Akasaka Real Estate click on 'Sign In' in the top right corner.
  • Select 'Register your email address now'.
  • Select a unique login name, enter your full email address and choose a password. Prefer to use a personal email address instead of a company email address. The password should be at least six characters. After this click on 'Create my account'.
  • Be patient for a few seconds while a confirmation email is sent to your email account.
  • Check your email account for a mail from Akasaka Real Estate. Open it and confirm it.

Your account with Akasaka Real Estate is now set up. You can click on 'Sign In' in the top right corner to log in.

Browsing Listings


Email Alerts

It is possible to get an update if a new property comes on the market or a price is changed. When searching for listings click on 'Set Email Alert' to get an email when something changes.

Listing Groups

It is possible to put several property listings in a group and display them all on a single map. To create a group open up the property listing you want to put in that group. In the listing screen click on 'Group' and select as group 'New Group'.

Account Overview

Available are the recent transaction details such as the rent received and maintenance paid, balance sheet and profit and loss statements. Only registered users can access their accounts. Once you are registered follow this link or sign in and click on 'Account' in the top right corner to access the reports.

If you have multiple properties it is possible to get an overview per property. To include or exclude a property from the report click the check box on the left side of the property name.


Privacy Policy

During the sign-up process we ask you to provide some basic details such as your name, email address and phone number. We need this information to verify that you are who you say you are. As part of this verification process we might need to contact you to confirm your identity. Otherwise the information you supply here will not be used without your express consent. That means we will not sent you spam, nor will share your information with third parties. Your password is encrypted on our server and so we do not have access to it.

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